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  • Spanish factory lighting project was successfully completed

    Recently, after several days of hard work, the branch of Shanghai CHZ lighting Co.,Ltd in Spain completed the first phase project of outdoor lighting upgrade on a aluminum plant in Bilbao, Spain.The aluminum plant in Bilbao, is one of the largest aluminum smelters in Spain and eve…
  • Popular science: Top ten certification standards in Global LED lighting

    GuideIn view of the maturing and rapid development of LED lighting technology, in order to standardize the emerging market of LED lighting, Some important global led regional markets have introduced the relevant technical regulations or standards, to put forward to some certificat…
  • Intelligent management! Nearly 2000 PCS of street light can be left unattended in Dinghai District

    With the increase in the number of street light,the maintenance and management of street light are also increasingly heavy. It always happened the malfunction and cable equipment stolen.This threaten traffic safety seriously and affect the masses' normal travel. Highway system sho…
  • CHZ new products | FL09-1200W shine debut!

    FL09-1200W Stadium lights / pole lights, New design, excellent energy saving 1000W-1200W powerCan be a perfect alternative to traditional 2000W and above metal halide lamp, is a high-end sports flood lighting productsFins heat dissipation: Large area fin fins, good heat dissipatio…