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  • DST series two-body solar street light

    Under the call of the state to vigorously advocate the application of new energy, solar energy is rapidly being promoted and applied due to its characteristics of environmental protection, pollution-free and renewable. As one of its most important ways of using solar lighting, it …
  • The next strategy for the lighting industry to enter the "war years"

    Cree's general lighting has to be sold, Eaton split its lighting business; in contrast, several lighting manufacturers in China, NVC, Snowlight, Jinlaite, Qinshang and many other lighting companies have been thundering ..., the industry for the lighting industry A little more conf…
  • CHZ is grateful to the people, and the charity sells back to society.

    This year's April 15th is spring and sunny, and the Nanxiang Private Enterprise Association, under the leadership of Zhao Xianzhen, secretary of the Party Committee of Nanxiang Mobile Party, “4.15 Love for the People” is busy at the entrance of the Deyuan Committee. The prelude …
  • Strengthening sports exchanges and increasing military-civilian friendship

    Strengthening sports exchanges and increasing military-civilian friendship -- Remember the first Nanxiang military and civilian basketball friendly matchIn order to strengthen military-civilian exchanges and enhance military-civilian friendship, our company exclusively spo…