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  • Hilton Hotel Lighting Retrofit Project completed successfully

    Recently, the company has just completed the first phase of an outdoor lighting renovation and upgrade project at the Hilton Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria. The Hilton Hotel is a five-star hotel in Abuja. It is specially used for the reception of foreign guests, seniors and senior busine…
  • Successful completion of the renovation of the Bilbao port lighting

    Recently, the Spanish branch of Shanghai Changhui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the lighting upgrade project for a large port project in Spain. This port is one of the major ports in Spain and one of the important commercial centers; the port has been traditionall…
  • CHZ Sponsored NISSAN Team Wins Champions

    Driven by the Spanish Royal Auto Union car, on April 18, 2018, the 10th Spanish "Energy Cup" rally kicked off. The event was held mainly in the Basque and Nava regions. The famous teams participated in this time include Aymetric of the Catalonian brothers, Cantabria of t…
  • Thanksgiving society, return to the people

    With the initiative of the Jiading District Private Enterprise Association and the Nanxiang Town Mobile Party Branch, our company has participated in the activities of “giving thanksgiving to society, devoting dedication and serving the people”. Participating units include Shang…