Return Lighting transformation program for campus football field


Last time, we analysed Lighting renovation for Amateur and recreational football field, everyone should have some knowledge about the lighting for football field, according to the use of the environment to select suitable lighting with a reasonable way to layout lamp,to meet the requirements for lighting.


This case analysed primary and secondary school football field, the stadium with the standard football field size, is the important places for daily physical activities of teachers and students and the school collection.

The original stadium lighting used is 32 sets traditional 1000W metal halide lamp, it is not only high energy consumption, more serious light attenuation, but also short life of the light source. Although the school have at least two times maintenance every year,there are still half of the lamp with faulty or damage. Pole position is not evenly distributed on  four corners in this file, one of pole installs at the side rear of auditorium,far from the file.

If with too low installation height or large beam angle, the Shed roof will stop the light cause obvious shadow in the football file.

The school hope that through a set of lighting solutions, on the basis of not less than the original illumination, provide good lighting environment for teachers and students’ Sports entertainment,while achieving the purpose of durable and saving-energy.

According to the customer's requirements and combined with the actual situation in this field,Shanghai CHZ lighting put forward the systematic lighting renovation program:Using 16 sets led flood light with FL09-250W 20° to replace the breakdown and damaged metal halide lamp, with 30 meters installation height. The total quantity is still 32 sets.


CHZ-FL09-250W LED flood light



Lighting simulation diagram

Installation site

After the transformation, the light quantity is unchanged. The lamp total power down to 20KW from 32KW, reduced by 12KW. But the average intensity is not reduced, same with the original. And there is no shadow in the stadium, meet customer’s requirements for the lighting. Illumination uniformity increased to 0.45, and visual comfort has been greatly improved.

Besides, the annual light failure rate of metal halide lamp is over 10%, the life span is short(about 8000 hours), the annual light failure rate of FL09-250W is below 1%, the life span is over 50000 hours. The life span is increased by 6 times than before,greatly reduce the cost of replacement lamps and labor costs.

The scene of complete installation

FL09 series of CHZ LED flood light, using cooling fin heat pipe riveting technology, good heat dissipation, 4° 5° 10° 20° 30° 60° multiple light distribution mode, meet the requirements of professional light distribution.And 4° reflector cup light distance up to 1000M, there are from 100W to 800W four specifications, widely used in stadiums, golf courses, docks, large buildings, TV towers, etc.