Return All-in-one LED solar street light illuminate the most beautiful village

Recently, in competition of the most beautiful rural community, Lei Jia Wan located in Mulan township, Huangpi county, Wuhan city got short-listed for "the most beautiful village in Hubei province." It is situated in the foothills of Hubei 5A Scenic Area - Mulan Mountain. There are many scholars in this village since ancient times, and it also come into being a lot of college students every year now.

Wuhan engaged in rural lighting project lately, so Lei Jia Wan was going to install some solar street lights. Through the strict siftings for the performance, price and warranty of the quality, they chose the all in one solar street light of CHZ Lighting finally, planned to install 10 sets as a demonstration projectat at first, and will promote later.

The day of installation, our engineer in Wuhan office arrived at the scene early the morning to provide with technical guidance. After nearly half a day, all solar street lights are installed well without any machinery, only 5 people will be able to put up the lamp to a fixed. It was unimaginable in the past. Before, the installation of the split solar street light must needed a large-scale machinery and equipment. Our all in one solar street light is easy to install, and can save the cost of material, labor, time.


This light is integrated design, but the lithium battery and solar panels are separated, it will speed up the cooling of lithium batteries to extend its lifespan. At the same time, the weight of the lithium batteries fell on the vertical pole, reducing the load for light pole. In addition, using the latest infrared sensor technology, it will 100% light when someone pass by. And if nobody here, it will automatically reduce to 30% brightness, the sensing distance is 6-12 meters.


Around 5:30 pm, the street lights open by auto-induction. Many villagers go out to enjoy the solar street lights and take out their mobile phones to take pictures under the beautiful light. They no longer have to worry about walking in the dark at night. The security environment of the village will also be greatly improved as well.