Return Lighting renovation program of Ancient stone tower

When the ancient architectural culture meets the modern lighting art, one side is the old and plain cultural treasures, the other side is the splendid light effects, so what sparks will they collide?

In recent years, with the great developments of the Lighting Industry, led light has become part of people's life gradually. Under the various lights, many first-tier cities have become Sleepless Town. And in order to develop source reasonably, many precious historical buildings also put a light transformation plan. During the day they show solemn classical temperament, and they present a beautiful modern style at night. It not only launched tourism projects to create revenue for local government, but also make people understand and pay attention to the local cultural heritage of ancient buildings.

 Recently, completed lighting renovation project of an ancient stone tower in the southwest of China.


Scene picture

In China, the pagoda is many minority areas’ important cultural symbols, and even for the faith. It’s not only their cultural heritage, but also their spiritual tower. Whether the turret daily, or major holiday ritual activities, they are all inseparable with the pagoda. For thousands of years, regardless of the weather! Therefore, we need to consider more factors for the stone lighting transformation.


Scene picture

In order to protect the integrity of the main pagoda, and avoid the damage to the construction sites, it made a little difficulty in this project. There is a spacious square around the pagoda, around the square there are nine lamp posts. The pagoda 33 meters high, the maximum diameter of 10 meters, the lamppost is about 8 meters high, 45 meters to the straight line distance spire, distance between the nine lamp posts is 35 meters.

Schematic diagram

From this Schematic diagram, the fitting position is low, and the distance between the main tower is far, so there are some technical requirements for lighting. The original pagoda lighting, with 600W lamp, irradiation angle of 30*90 degrees and  the ambient light, those made the top can’t cover the light. Such a historic building to light transformation, the difficulty is not only making the whole pagoda exposed to the light, but the light intensity is not weaker than the ambient light, besides, we can not destroy its humanism aesthetics.


Simulated lighting effect diagram

In the process of transformation, customers choose nine sets of FL09-500W light, were installed in the lamp post. Lighting installation height of 7 meters, the irradiation angle of 20 degrees. Each lamp power is lower 100W than the original. the irradiation angle is greatly reduced, so that the light can cover the entire pagoda, and the light intensity of steady pressure over the ambient light. Neither destroy the pagoda’s classical atmosphere, and can let the lights to cover the whole pagoda.This made pagoda and light as a whole. After lighted, t the average illuminance reached 79lx, the pagoda was shrouded in Sacred and detailed lighting atmosphere.


after transformation


FL09 series use the cooling fin heat pipe riveting technology, with excellent heat dissipation performance; With 5°, 10 °,20 °,30°and 60 °, such as multi angle distribution mode, and the 5 degree angle can be projected to a distance of 500 meters. The entire FL09 contains FL09-100W (80-120W), FL09-150W (150-200W), FL09-250W (250-300W), FL09-500W, FL09-800W and other models. It is the best choice for large scale construction lighting project, such as TV Tower, statue, skyscraper, bridge, and recreation ground.

When the classicism meet modernism, light becomes thick; when history meets popularity, the civilization is full of vitality.

Ancient and modern, such a dialogue!