Return Philippine capital of Manila city center wall advertising case

Philippine capital of Manila city center of a building wall advertising, using my company FL09-1200W projection lamp, the effect is very good, uniformity and illumination, have achieved the desired results.

The width of the wall is 30 meters, height of 72 meters, due to location constraints, the distance between the lighthouse is relatively close to the wall, the angle of ordinary projection lamp is too large, the projection distance is not enough, the light is difficult to match.图片1.jpg

After detailed simulation calculations, we used 24 sets of FL09 projection lamps, including six sets of 1000W (5 °) and 18 sets of 1200W (15 °), the results fully meet customer requirements.



After the construction of the workers, the lamps are installed.

The whole lighting effect is beyond the customer's expectations, customers feel very satisfied, this set of billboards to become a beautiful line of the whole area.