Return CHZ new products | FL09-1200W shine debut!

FL09-1200W Stadium lights / pole lights, New design, excellent energy saving 1000W-1200W power

Can be a perfect alternative to traditional 2000W and above metal halide lamp, is a high-end sports flood lighting products


Fins heat dissipation: Large area fin fins, good heat dissipation, fins are hollow holes and groove design. Optimize the duct, three-dimensional cooling, fin light, easy to transport products, installation and maintenance


Professional light distribution: 5 ° 15 ° 25 ° three reflective angle optional, to meet the professional needs of light distribution


Against Lightning and wind:  Protection class up to IP66, anti-17 wind. Products in the 65m / s maximum wind speed, no deformation loose. Lightning protection, line to line 6KV, line to ground 10KV. The product is free from the harsh outdoor environment


Integrated design: Lighting power box integrated design, the appearance of simple atmosphere, power box without a separate fixed installation


Flexible installation: L-shaped rotating bracket, support two installation methods, screw hole adjustable angle -6 ° to 6 °

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Light with heart: Rotatable bracket with a clear dial, 200 ° adjustable, light with the heart


Applicable places: Widely used in sports venues, sports grounds, golf courses, docks, large buildings, squares and landscape