Return Intelligent management! Nearly 2000 PCS of street light can be left unattended in Dinghai District

With the increase in the number of street light,the maintenance and management of street light are also increasingly heavy. It always happened the malfunction and cable equipment stolen.This threaten traffic safety seriously and affect the masses' normal travel. Highway system should be based on information technology, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, and become the management system of using digital road lighting technology. Besides it should build a smart road control pattern,to promote road management tools to automation, standardization and intelligent development.

Recently, Dinghai District Highway Bureau plan to install street lights burglar alarm system in the provisional sea section Dinghai.Once installation completed, it means that Duck East Line and Pro North Sea Dinghai area will achieve remote burglar alarm management system coverage, nearly 2000 lights can achieve unattended, computer monitoring, automatic alarm.

After knowing this situation,Shanghai CHZ lighting Technology Co.Ltd volunteered to relevant departments, recommend our latest street light burglar alarm system.In addition to improving the lighting quality and management efficiency, this system also has remote control, telemetry, remote signaling, alarm and other functions.It can real-time monitoring and remote control of the light working status, like precisely controlling lamps on and off time, light time interval, brightness and so on.

Overcoming all the difficulties in the way, finally we got the project. Last October, we first installed our street light burglar alarm management system in this road section.After investigation by our engineers, there total installed 13 central controller, 39 burglar alarm terminals, to manages 1842 “smart street light”across this road,and set the management platform in the control room with alarm cell phone, to understand the latest lighting conditions and feedback section all the time.

“In the past , which light or which section broken, even stolen, only through the masses reported or work inspections, then we can find it. But now, we can get the mobile phone short notice instantly if any light are broken.”Dinghai Road Bureau staff told us with smile. After more than one year of using, at present the phenomenon of cable theft basically disappeared and damaged lamps can also be promptly repaired in the line of East Duck, real-time management effect is good. Not only improve the accuracy of street light management and reduce labor costs, but also to avoid unnecessary waste of energy. At the same time, it also increased the response speed of highway departments in handling emergencies and enhanced the service capabilities.

The district leaders and the general public are full of praise for the results and hope to continuously cooperate with us in the future.On behalf of Shanghai CHZ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., our engineers are grateful to their trust and support,saying that they will redouble their efforts to provide quality products and excellent services, to contribute our strength to the road construction.u=1388431360,1208926049&fm=27&gp=0.jpgu=733424178,3345490618&fm=27&gp=0.jpg