Return Sansi Wisdom street light are being used in urban development in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

The three-day Smart City Expo World Congress2017 has opened on 14th at Barcelona Convention Center in Spain. The three-day 2017 Smart City Expo World Congress has opened on 14th at Barcelona Convention Center in Spain. This year, the High-profile event was certainly the selection of "Global Smart City Award" . There are total of 309 projects from countries competed. The project of Yanbu Smart City by Huawei won the "Data and Technology Award" at the Expo.

Yanbu in Saudi-A classic case of Smart City

Yanbu is an important trading port and oil port in Red Sea, dominated by the oil industry. This make the industry develop traditionally and singly.The Saudi government hopes to create a better environment through the Smart City, to transform and promote Yanbu, and to attract more investors.

Under this strategy, Yanbu Royal Commission presided and developed the city management platform, to support intelligent public facilities, emergency response, intelligent police, and improve municipal governance. Simultaneously, they deployed smart parking, smart weighing, smart trash cans, intelligent energy management, venue crowd analysis, smart manhole covers, wisdom street light provide by Shanghai Sansi and other applications. These greatly improve the efficiency of urban management.

 Yanbu used led wisdom street light and intelligent street light on the promoting progress of Smart City. For the led wisdom street light products, on the basis of common module(lighting, WIFI, video surveillance, sensors, information release and emergency call), Sansi team specifically added two functional modules for Yanbu's city features.

Solar power system

Led wisdom street light installed solar power system.It converts light energy into electricity during well-lit daytime, then the electricity are stored by built-in battery. At night, if the city has a sudden power outage, the wisdom street light also can operate normally.

Public address system

Yanbu government, schools and some other agencies, can broadcast important information or notification to citizens through Public Address System of wisdom street light, to ensure the accessibility and effectiveness of information delivery.1.jpg