Return CHZ Solar Street Lights Illuminate the Land of Africa

At the beginning of 2018, Nigeria, after 3 days of workers' strained construction, 80 sets of integrated solar street lights were installed and the lights were brilliant. This is the latest integrated solar street light CHZ-IST2-3M of our company, which won the lighting project in Nigeria, the economic power of Africa, among the numerous integrated solar street lights due to its exquisite design and superb luminous efficiency.

The project is a new municipal road with a total length of 2.5 km, the height of the lamp pole is 8 meters, the lamppost is 30 meters apart, two-way two lanes and the road is 8 meters wide. As night fell, the maximum brightness of the ground tested at 7 o'clock in the evening was 60LX and the average illuminance reached 14.5LX. The overall uniformity was also very good. It completely exceeded the imagination and was highly praised by local government officials. The integrated solar street light CHZ-IST2-3M (30W) adopted by this time is the third-generation solar street light developed by our company. It adopts the integrated design and looks beautiful and elegant. At the same time, using the latest solar controller, with dormant function, in the process of transportation, the lithium battery automatic dormant, no power consumption, and so after the installation is completed, and then make it activated, so there will be no shortage of storage which led to the problem of light is not bright; At the same time, using the timing energy saving technology and microwave induction technology, it can prolong the lighting time to the maximum, and continuously light the light for 3-4 days.4.jpg

 At the same time, we used the latest PHILIPS 2D 3030 light source, the whole lighting efficiency up to 160lm/W, the 30W's light source at a height of 8 meters makes the maximum illumination of the ground reach 60LX, which is unthinkable before the solar street light. In this way, the energy consumption of the whole light is reduced, cost performance has been greatly improved.Our product quality and energy saving technology have won high praise from customers. Accordingly, in the future market competition, we will win more customers and get more orders.