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The cause of the alternatives to traditional street lamp solar street lamps

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-14

solar street light for the modern society, it is not a strange thing, since solar energy as a new energy into the market, all kinds of solar products have been developed, which is one of the solar street lamps, and in terms of the current market, we can find that has begun to gradually replace the traditional street lamp, solar street lamps become a kind of street lamp that is commonly used in city lighting engineering, so the cost is higher than the traditional street lamp, solar street lamps why people prefer to use solar street light? Let's look at.

1, solar street light running cost is lower. In terms of cost and installation price, traditional street lamps is cheaper than solar street lamp, street lamp as lighting engineering, its use time is not in a day, but in years, generally need to use for decades, and the process, the traditional street lamp power supply is needed to be put into use, this is a big cost of electricity, while solar street lights can be self-sufficient, through the solar energy into electrical energy, meet the demand of its own use, thus saving a lot of cost, by contrast, the use of solar energy street light cost is far lower than the traditional street lamp.

2, solar street lamp emergency measures is better. Traditional street lamps in the process of use has a flaw, that is, if the power went out, can't normal light, solar street lamp, there is no this problem, because its can be self-sufficient, so even if power failure, can also provide lighting, solar street lamps to ensure the safety to travel at night.

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