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Which LED indoor light manufacturer is better?

by:CHZ     2021-07-12
LED indoor lights use high-brightness white LEDs as cold light sources, no light pollution, no harmful chemicals, no fragile glass, and can be directly connected to 110V/220V AC voltage or 12V/24V DC voltage, or can be controlled by a built-in computer programming chip It can produce various effects such as gradual change, jump change and brightness change. In addition, it can be widely used for lighting in shopping malls, homes, conference rooms, exhibitions and advertising lighting.

LED indoor lights can also be used as low-power outdoor lighting equipment, which can replace 3 to 5 times the other traditional lamps. However, if you install in winter, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. In cold weather, you should install the light strip first, leave it open and energize for one to two minutes to make the light tube soft and easy to bend, and then cut off the power to install;
2. Don't bend or pull the light bar excessively. It is recommended to use 2 chairs and a stick to put on it during installation to reduce the excessive pulling of the light strip, and it will not be prone to spiraling and unevenness;
3. Do not switch on the power supply during the installation or assembly of the LED indoor light strip. Only when the connection, installation, fixing and correctness are ensured, can the power supply be switched on;
4. The installation is firm, and there must be no floating or swinging phenomenon, otherwise it will cause fatigue and aging of the wires in the tube of the LED indoor lamp, and burn the light strip;
5. During installation and use, please do not knock the light strip with a blunt object to avoid falling, shock and vibration;
6. Do not use iron wire or other metal materials to tie the lamp tube tightly, so as to prevent the iron wire from falling into the lamp tube, causing problems such as electric leakage, short circuit, and burning of the lamp tube;
7. Do not wrap or cover the lamp with any object during use to ensure its good heat dissipation function.
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