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1, 2, 3 things you need to know to buy high-quality solar street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-08
High-quality solar street lights must have a stable lighting system, which can not only provide daily road lighting, but also maintain a long service life and stable lighting effects. It is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, without light pollution, and can work continuously even in multiple cloudy and rainy days. At present, due to the great market potential of solar street lights, many manufacturers and businesses choose inferior materials to make and assemble solar street lights in order to maximize profits. Such products cannot meet the needs of normal lighting at all, especially in continuous rainy weather.
Then when buying solar street lights, you must choose carefully, shop around and buy from regular distributors or manufacturers. Don’t buy low-quality solar street lights because they are cheap. Such products will not only save money, but On the contrary, it will increase the cost of input due to premature damage.
The following introduces the configuration and quality of solar street light components:
1. Light source: The quality of LED light source chips is very important, but the quality of LED lamps and lanterns chips on the market is varied and uneven. Most of them are single 1W, which are divided into chip technology processing and lamp bead technology. SMD lamps are cheap, relatively low-cost, have serious light decay, and the effect of lighting is average, and the light cannot be dispersed. We do not recommend using them. The single lamp bead has mature technology, reasonable light distribution, and low light decay. In fact, the cost is not much different, depending on the customer's choice and the supplier's positioning.
2. Solar panels: high-quality solar panels have high conversion rate, high-efficiency output, excellent low-light effect, high-transmittance, high-quality tempered glass, and widened and thickened frames are more beautiful and durable. As for where to use single crystal or polycrystalline? Monocrystalline solar panels are suitable for areas with relatively long light hours, such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Qinghai and other regions. On the contrary, polycrystalline solar panels are suitable for areas such as Guangxi, Guizhou, and Northeast China.
3. Battery: The battery for solar street lights is a lead-acid gel battery, not a starter battery and UPS battery for cars. Even if the battery has strict national standard requirements, it is the highest single item cost in the total cost of solar street lights, and it is also the place where false standard capacity is most likely to be faked. The battery quality and capacity cannot be distinguished clearly from the appearance, so please choose branded products, the battery capacity and weight are clear, the manufacturer's contact phone address is clear, and the production license is clear. Generally, special solar street lamp battery manufacturers have a warranty of 3 years. According to different usage conditions, 5 years of service life can be reached.
4. Controller: The choice of controller is often overlooked. Although it is the least valuable part of the entire solar street light system, it is a very important link. Because it is a single product, each manufacturer has different standards for purchasing components. Remember not to lose big because of small!
5. Other factors that affect the quality of solar street lights: solar panel installation orientation, wires connecting solar panels, waterproof electrical tape used for installation and so on.
The above content hopes to be helpful to your purchasing choice.

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