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1. 70000 let pearl city lighting lamps energy-saving lamps for half of the electricity

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-07

it is understood that the guangxi beihai urban road lamp by the implementation of energy-saving reform since the replacement of energy-saving lamps and lanterns is 17340 sets, power saving 58%, make the whole urban lighting environment had the very big promotion.

urban street lighting contract energy management and energy saving transformation started since last November, in the year to July 30, has completed seaview avenue, north avenue, the beibu gulf, tea and other energy-saving transformation of urban primary and secondary trunk road, change the LED street light pole, lamps and lanterns is 17340 sets, 12975 single lamp controller installed 17150 sets, lamps and lanterns and single lamp controller installation has been completed; On September 28th street lamp monitoring center system upgrade, on October 26th street lamp contract energy management project completion acceptance, at this point, the whole street light energy-saving renovation work has been completed and put into use.

at present, by the relevant professional organization test and statistics, the indicators meet the requirements, compared with the same period last year, 58% power saving, energy saving effect is very obvious.

according to technical personnel, the implementation of urban street lamp lighting energy-saving reform, to promote the urban lighting intelligent management, improve the level of city lighting management, improve urban road lighting environment and urban grade, has the very vital significance.

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