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1, installation place keep out too much

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-13

solar street light is through the top solar photovoltaic panels absorb sunlight, then converted into electrical energy stored in the storage battery, night again through the battery discharge to power leds for lighting. So night can normal lighting, solar street lamps depends on solar photovoltaic panels can receive sunlight during the day, if too many obstructions around the solar street lamps, such as: the leaves can cause shade, building and so on, affect the normal absorption and utilization of the solar surface light source, led to the decrease of the charging efficiency.

solution: when installing solar street lamps should be far away from obstructions, if can't steer clear of obstructions, to ensure that the solar photovoltaic panels in the direction of the south, no obstructions, or light time not less than 6 hours.

2, next to have other solar street lamps light source

relative or intelligent street lamp, solar street lamps, it can use the electric in the four seasons different dark time to adjust, without the need for human control. If there are other light around the photovoltaic panels, will cause the electric failure, solar street lamp light in nature cannot be normal. When installing a solar street lamp, stay away from other light sources, to avoid interference.

solution: if the solar street light has been installed, found its photovoltaic panels with light source and can't remove, should be adjusted in time control mode.

3, solar panels on the indoor charging

some customers for the sake of brevity, install solar lamp indoors, such as building convenient for passing or parking in the island, carport, although these places have certain light during the day, but not meet the needs of the fully charged, the long-term development, easy to cause damage or completely damage of the battery.

solution: if you want to have sufficient light, solar street lamps will move solar photovoltaic panels to outdoor, if must solve indoor lighting, also can use, outdoor, indoor lighting separation installation.

4, photovoltaic panels towards error

to install photovoltaic panels need to fix the photovoltaic panels before stem will, if only to find that after stem photovoltaic panels towards errors, will result in photovoltaic panels can't fully absorb sunlight to charge.

solution: first, to determine the direction of the LED light, and then determine the towards of photovoltaic panels, install photovoltaic panels should be installed in the direction of sunny, in the domestic generally faces south, different installation capacity of the photovoltaic modules may also be affected.

5, not the correct use of the remote control projects

some construction personnel is not the correct use of engineering remote control, random and ensure that is no matter with the lights burning. In fact this is very wrong operation, at the same time of random may have set the wrong parameters, lead to abnormal light.
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