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1, the whole light not on. Used for outdoor lighting, solar street lamps are often faced with high temperature and rainy, cold rain and snow weather, and solar street lamps controller

by:CHZ     2020-10-14

2, flickering lamp holder. Of the cause of the fault, the line contact undesirable, electric, battery capacity serious decline, in the case of line no problem, replace the battery.

3, lamp holder to install the light not go out, check the solar did look negative, solar panels at this time the voltage is measured with a multimeter, and next to the solar panels under voltage do contrast, normal is the same, if the voltage value small solar panel itself quality problems.

3, light time is short, short duration of rainy day. Usually battery storage capacity fell, the battery sufficient cause. Replace the reasonable storage battery.

4, solar street lamps light source is not complete. A lot of solar street lamps use dot-matrix LED light source, in addition to the LED light source itself quality problem, some lamp bead welding will cause this kind of situation. Solution is to replace the corresponding lamp bead, welding solid or replace the whole street lamp head.

in addition, the installation location illumination is insufficient, the overall configuration of lamps and lanterns is unreasonable, can cause serious shorten the solar street lamp life. Should choose the installation environment, reasonable configuration of solar street light system.

one, not to the brightness of the solar street light concerning quality

the same power of street lamp brightness is must be a good product? Solar street lamps are commonly used LED street light head, itself is the traditional high pressure sodium lamp brightness several times or even dozens of times. High brightness, light distribution and is bad, it's a waste of the efficiency of LED street lamp, a second also easy to cause glare.

2, not simply look at the price of solar street light

purchase solar street light, natural to consider the price factor, but the solar street lamps factory is to have profit. As the saying goes, a price points a points goods, low prices will be unable to guarantee the quality of the solar street light. But high prices are often means too high configuration, so the price of solar street light is not the higher the better.

3, solar street lamps have the professional technical solution configuration

the right is good, tailored solar street light configuration scheme is generally suitable for local lighting environment. Special optimization design according to local conditions, to meet customer requirements under the premise of much lower the product cost, professional and technical scheme configuration is good.

4, solar street lamps have the perfect after-sales service guarantee

who also dare not guarantee their own solar street lamps will never fail. So, after-sales service as the key. After the failure to be able to time door-to-door service, a service that is the important content.

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