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14000 LED street lamp how America's most intelligent city to San Diego

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-15

may not have the wisdom of a U. S. metropolitan area city move more praise than San Diego.

announced last year in San Diego, is building the world's largest smart city iot platform, and adopted by the general electric company ( GE) Cooperative development CityIQ solutions, in order to improve urban parking on the street, traffic and public security.

CityIQ solution is launched by GE and Intel technology based intelligent city digital infrastructure, can provide the lights can be installed in the sensor ( Or 'intelligent node') 。

recently, the city's commitment to add another 1000 CityIQ sensors, as well as add lighting control utility interface, the LED street light efficiency increased by 20%. , San Diego, are from GE for its 4200 CityIQ intelligent node add application packages

all in all, large-scale digital infrastructure for the project will include 4200 new CityIQ sensors ( Plan last year was 3200. ) And these nodes installed on 14000 LED street lamp. Through carrying on the street with Intel atom processor, camera, microphone, wi-fi, bluetooth, acoustic sensor, and can measure the temperature, pressure, humidity, and even magnetic field CityIQ sensor nodes, thus to build their own city connected to the Internet, 物联网) 。 Part of the data collected by AT&T's LTE uploaded to GE Predix cloud.

the plan is expected to save $3. 6 million for the city's annual energy and maintenance costs.

GE is to work with us as data carrier AT&T, Intel to carry out the project. AT&T as a data carrier, provide highly safe and reliable network service. Intel Internet of things technology can provide advanced computing power, processing capacity and marginal analysis ability, help extract metadata, and through the security of cloud connection and sensor fusion.

is suitable for city lighting control utility

CityIQ system can collect real-time data, at the same time to support a large number of open data API and smart city applications, this will help to deal with some of the challenges in the city, including the office of economic development, the San Diego police and traffic engineering and operations department in multiple cities, is already in use CityIQ data to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety, as well as the implementation of new public service.

, for example, increases in computing power can optimize street lamp help drivers travel route, find an open parking space, can even told the traffic law enforcement when illegally parked vehicles.

Current Austin, general manager of the smart city Ashe, said, this is just the beginning, because street light the Internet of things ( 物联网) Network to collect most of the data will be released, the city to allow and encourage software developers to use these data to build the application, to help local residents and visitors.

present application including identification of the quiet walk route applications, For people who want to walking in the dialogue) ; Aims to use the traffic and location data to help visually impaired people crossing the street 'digital cane' applications; And high frequency use crosswalk history; And the method of real-time identification of interesting events by tracking the pedestrian gathered or forward way to find hot spots, etc.

lighting can also received the city's existing ShotSpotter network, the network can automatically locate the source, real-time monitoring, many municipalities are using ShotSpotter improve the efficiency of law enforcement. And the increase of intelligent street lamp can be ShotSpotter coverage from 10 square kilometers ( About four square miles) Increased to a broader area.

street lamp can make use of sensor networks deployed throughout the city, by identifying the voice of broken glass or a car accident, timely remind the police in a dangerous situation; Through a shot detection applications, can be in less than a minute time by precise location information capturing more than 90% of the shooting to help emergency personnel.

GE's smart city, general manager of Austin Ashe, said that the application and CityIQ together, just like the app store for smartphones do, can save time and money for the city - — Gave rise to the entrepreneurial spirit, create jobs and generate income and solve the problem.

is now in San Diego, is the world's largest city street lamp iot sensor network, GE, the public and private sector cooperation such as AT&T and qualcomm. The city's continuous efforts operating intelligent city, Smart -- 50 more recently won the 2018 prize.

it all, starts with the San Diego began to put some lights change into intelligent street lamp.

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