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15 in Washington metro station for the LED lighting upgrade

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-08

in less than six months, the Washington metropolitan area transportation administration ( 华盛顿市区交通机构) In 15 stations installed a new track lighting system, make its brightness increased on average 6 times - — As the years investment in the most advanced, energy-saving LED lighting part of the project. New lighting infrastructure to improve the visibility and security, at the same time, the energy consumption by half, to reduce the need for maintenance.

30 months in the future, 48 station will all upgrades for the LED system.

it is reported that so far, the administration has been in the following 15 stations installed the new LED track light: union station, the court building, rosling, fog, McPherson square, ferrari, federal triangle, the ancient west bethesda, U street, Columbia heights, archives, waterfront, L Enfant square, A layer) , metro center ( The next layer) And gallery plaza ( The next layer) 。

after install the new lights, the brightness of the each station are increased from 3 to 9 times. The installation of a new tower and wall lamp is underway, once completed, the platform is expected to be more light.

the Washington metro upward lighting, underground lighting design taken through the roof, make the daylighting of the station is evenly. Although metro stations is not bright, but the soft light it is easy to see the information of the train passengers ( Subway train lines and colors in the train of the head with the LED display) 。

in addition, the Washington metro station adopts long-span arch without pillar design, make passengers more wide field of vision, and all the station is long platform design, the length of the subway platform, 600 feet ( 1 foot a 0. 3米) 。 Because tunnel side part and the top of almost no cable, reduces the maintenance difficulty and cost at the station.

in the first half of 2019 will upgrade 11 station: crystal, the pentagon, the pentagon, naval shipyard, anacostia, wheaton, glen monte, congress highlands, farragut north, metro center ( The upper) And the Gallery Place ( The upper) 。

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