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2018 international media architecture biennale held at the central academy of fine arts

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-08

on November 14, 2018 the international media architecture biennale held at the central academy of fine arts. The rise of media construction in the 21st century is no accident. It rooted in the cultural transformation since the 1960 s of the media, on electronic information and digital technology since the 1990 s in the expansion and spread of a global scale, and nearly a decade in the 21st century, has become an important boost social transformation.

today are emerging media construction phenomenon, is not only an important issue of contemporary architecture, and key issues of the contemporary city. Liquidity on the one hand, the media construction of image compression, super flat landscape, space and time and the differance, interaction of dematerialization, mixed reality in the form of perception, electronic skin with both internal and external structure of a variety of issues, such as separation, is beyond the scope of classical architecture. Media building, on the other hand, as an important infrastructure of the contemporary urban wisdom nodes, and interactive interface, has become an important experience of contemporary events public space characteristics, such as New York's times square New Year's activity and China hangzhou G20 such a big event. Media architecture has gradually become the international architectural and urban issues can not be ignored in the field of.

media buildings has become the central academy of fine arts college of urban and rural planning part and an important research direction. To construct position, from the perspective of art and technology integration, from the perspective of social public space and urban renewal, from the perspective of wisdom city and big data infrastructure, positive thinking and experimental media constantly building how to better service for our future life.

the central academy of fine arts at the conference, many dimensions of media is a focus for reflection, only stick to the critical position, dialectical view media architecture and contemporary social, political, economic, cultural, technology of deep relationship, can we truly think and leading media buildings in the future.

edit: Liang Jieying

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