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2019 early plan! According to the net annual super full activity calendar ( Recommend collection)

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-07

dear friends, what are you planning a New Year? Is there a self improvement plan? Do you want to expand your contacts? What industry the most concern this year? To sell out products, don't get project, trouble do bad design?

it doesn't matter, China lighting network year-round activities calendar luxuriant appearance! We will be in the national organization dozens of professional BBS and professional training, bring you the best, the best quality, most professional content, you can quickly step, plan ahead and opportunity always favor the minds that are prepared!

however, you think only activity calendar so simple? We also joined in the calendar in 2018 fingers award outstanding enterprise project cases, this may be the most beautiful lighting industry a calendar! Forward suggestion collection!

of course, the early stage of the interested cooperation institutions and enterprises, can contact us! 2019 we can fly! Contact us

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