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2019 guangzhou international lighting fair registration starts

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-16

2019 guangzhou international lighting fair in June 9 - 12, held in the China import and export fair, annual feast is lighting industry not to be missed!

low together industry the latest products and technology, all kinds of new lamps and lanterns, lighting and electronic components of the platform

low over the same period with forward-looking activities and workshops, to explore the development of the lighting market trends and changes, help operators understand how to grasp new opportunities in the global trend.







  Alanod,百电宝,碧陆斯,Fumagalli,华普永明,上海仪电,雷笛克,Ligman,木林森,欧曼, Pelucchi,万可电子,勇电,佛山照明,长方,太龙,超频三,得邦






  白云化工,道康宁,慧谷化学,康美特,S Polytech





registration system is now fully open! Fast to my bowl.

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