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2200 LED street lamp lighting in xiamen haicang 32 natural villages

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-07

light as day, and xiamen haicang district will be 32 natural villages are illuminated at night. The reporter understands from xiamen haicang urban construction group, its haicang municipal construction management center renovation project has basically completed the construction of the rural street lamp lights, are the finishing touches.

it is reported that previously, haicang district, a lot of asphalt pavement due to the installation of the lamps in the fixed number of year for a long time, daily maintenance and management input power is insufficient, old, dark, lighting lamps equipment caused incoherent, bring so much trouble to the villagers to travel at night. Therefore, haicang municipal construction management center after 6 months, the haicang district tung Po within the jurisdiction of four streets, lotus, zhen adai, such as green reef 32 natural villages of 50 kilometers village in the village and the main trunk road lamps renovation project, has installed 2200 streetlights.

it is worth mentioning that the installation of street light adopts LED lamps and lanterns, compared with the traditional light bulb, high brightness, long life time and more energy efficient. Street lamp is equipped with transformer, using the 110 v low voltage power supply, compared with the original 220 v voltage, voltage grade safer. In addition, the lamp power supply to change the original cable, aerial buried the excavation, the village in the environment more beautiful.

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