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237 brands into club '' double 1. 1 billion yuan, leishi op on the list

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-05

on November 12 in the morning, Tmall put a formal end in 2018. Tmall shuangshi a final volume of total this year to 213. 5 billion yuan, more than 1 billion logistics order.

the following is an important node in 2018 double tenth a turnover:

this year double tenth Tmall turnover is on the basis of the original breakthrough unceasingly, it all, thanks to each big brand of hot competition. According to statistics, a double tenth day turnover was one hundred million yuan, a total of 237 brand of opple lighting industry and leishi lighting on the list.

Tmall double tenth than brand in a sales


opple official retail sales in 3. 6. 7 billion scores well packaged, by double 11201 8 op electricity cut in sales has exceeded 2. 3 billion, over the whole of last year.

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