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4. 300 million yuan! Promote eight lighting improvement works in guangzhou

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-20

a few days ago, guangzhou public resources trading center issued a 'central city important overpass lighting safety renovation project survey and design construction general contracting tender announcement' and 'pearl river bank function lighting construction engineering survey design and construction general contracting tender announcement'. Guangzhou this year plans to invest 4 according to the bidding documents. 300 million yuan for eight lighting engineering.

lighting construction project is located in guangzhou pearl river bank function waterway XiHangDao, former channel, channel bank, after fresh air in the left bank of the scope of the project including the dock - Add port coastline estuary; DaTanSha island coast; Crow post writing lock - Ishii cement paragraphs coast; The right bank gold bar bridge - Hong Thai gold bar playground section of coastline, etc. , total length of about 37. 47公里( Line measurement scale) ; The above bank function lighting and power supply and distribution system to carry on the design and construction. Set the lighting control system of independent, and able to access the center of the city lighting existing lighting control system, to realize the remote control.

important central city overpass lighting safety improvement project of plate f interchange, chang gang village interchange interchange, guest, in the overpass, tianhe interchange and other important bridge by adding cars on the street lamp or courtyard lamp, interchange bridge of adding the ceiling or wall lamp, bridge side including linear project-light lamp or wall lamp, work content to solve the shortage problem of illumination, the synchronization of unsafe lighting lamps and lanterns and lines, and security reform, such as power distribution facilities, construction of total road long ( Line measurement scale) About 5. 7 km. Set the lighting control system of independent, and be able to access the center of the lighting of the existing lighting control system, to realize the remote control.

in addition, according to two engineering bidding information, guangzhou this year plans to invest a total investment of 43144. 20000 yuan for lighting improve eight projects.

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