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48 cities in China, 84 landmark collective light to the motherland high-profile 'love'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-12

late on September 20, People's Daily 'to the motherland' as the theme of city joint light show strong overweight, 26 provinces across the country 48 of the 84 city landmarks collective light, high-profile 'love' to the motherland. In addition, people's net friend will do for the country is delivered through the ladybug 1 satellite into space, to back a 'space take'.

late on September 20, People's Daily online through ladybug a satellite pass to vindicate the motherland into space, where 547 kilometers from earth, took this photo.

north of heilongjiang province from the motherland in heihe 'twin cities' between China and Russia to the southernmost tip of hainan island sanya, 'people's red light gathering originative Chinese heart' discourse in several cities such as bright appearance; From the world's largest grand bazaar 'xinjiang international grand bazaar' to Shanghai bund, multiple landmarks collective light love for the motherland. From north to south, from west to east, 'the red' shining night sky, light China, tribute of daqing.

around the shock of the 'red' light show attracted many visitors stop to clock in, with cameras record the exciting moment. Jiangsu citizens wang, while said, 'light landmarks, I love the motherland, the way to feel 'burning'! I had to make a card. Carrying the national flag 'in kunming, yunnan, many children, the parents accompanied who turned up to watch the lights show, they said,' the light show is special and romantic, more importantly, this activity is very meaningful, allows us to express love for the motherland. '

' I play in the bund at night, have never thought met with so great a light show! National Day soon, to see these words especially excited to the motherland, galloped made a circle of friends, blessing the motherland! 'Visitors from xian li finish see light show in Shanghai, very impressive.

'this year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, see to the motherland, the heart particularly exciting, blessing the motherland day more blue, water is more green, people's life more happiness, the motherland more prosperous. 'Liu changchun citizen said excitedly.

after the light up the Mid-Autumn night and 'Huang Heliang! 'Two' to the motherland 'theme light show has beautiful more than the national landmarks. In 70 anniversary of the founding of new China, People's Daily online in the subject of a series of city lights show a tribute to the motherland. Beijing

water cube Yin nebula taken

wto-day order Yang Shen taken


binhai new yao cui taken

binhai new area landmark 'JinGu stick' new yao cui taken


positive definite city Yang Huabo taken

shijiazhuang city commercial plaza, shijiazhuang white tower Zhu Pengtao taken


taiyuan focal stroke wen taken

taiyuan China resources building focal stroke wen taken

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