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5,000 led street lights to illuminate patna soon | patna news - times of india

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-07
National Department of Urban Development and Housing (UDHD)
Minister Samrat Choudhary reviewed preparations for the upcoming Chhath festival on Friday, announcing the installation of 5,000 LEDs (LED)
Street lights in the state capital.
The minister also announced the installation of 1,000 LED street lamps in 10 municipal companies excluding Patna Municipal companies (PMC).
Choudhary instructed officials to clean up and develop all 72 Chhath ghats in the state capital before Chhath.
The udhd minister bulletin the situation street lamp and was informed that 312 365 people in new capital PMC supervisor were normal and 130 of 412 street lamp under Bankipore PMC of circle need to Renaissance.
The department has also developed a plan to maintain street lights installed on all flyovers and railway flyovers here.
Places without street lamp posts will be identified and listed as the top priority for installing LED street lamps.
After the process is completed, the person waiting for repair or revival will be taken over by the ministry, the source said.
The development of Ghats also includes lighting, step maintenance, barricades and proper access roads.
Bihar City Infrastructure Development Co. , Ltd. BUIDCO)
It will develop 28 ghat west of Gandhi ghat, close to the National Institute of Technology, and PMC will develop east of Gandhi ghat.
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