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5 g base station electricity perfect solution? The first batch of dc wisdom light pole project formally landing in males

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-16

on August 26, dominated by its male Ann district electric power supply company of demonstrative project of multifunctional compound rod string - — The first dc intelligent street lamp project be born male citizen service center, marks the male Ann district in ubiquitous power iot demonstration construction important strides.

dc intelligent street lamp has what function?

it is understood that the street lamp is equipped with intelligent lighting, multi-function camera and traffic lights, one-click alarm device, multimedia display and radio equipment, street lamps, WiFi and 5 g base stations, multifunctional sensing device, positioning technology, such as equipment, implement according to the environment and weather conditions automatically adjust the intensity of illumination, auxiliary transportation scheduling command and administrative law enforcement, to help meet emergency passers-by, information release, high-speed communications network coverage, related parameters of the urban environment detection, to prevent the loss of the road facilities and theft, and other functions.

in addition, dc wisdom lights also equipped with a mobile phone charging device, rest and seat, provide convenient service for citizens and tourists.

dc wisdom what's different?

1, the low voltage dc power supply

according to its Chinese male staff of the Ann district electric power supply company, dc intelligent street lamp USES is plus or minus 48 v and 110 v plus or minus two voltage levels, lamp holder and screen is 110 v dc power supply, intelligent facilities road car together, 5 g base station with 48 v low voltage dc power supply.

48 v low voltage dc power supply is absolutely safe to human body, even if the touch will not damage caused by the human body, this avoids the rainy season road seeper caused by the risk of electric shock.

it's not hard to see, USES the male ji-hye ahn street lamp of the low voltage dc power supply, for the most part to ensure the safe operation, and effectively save energy.

2, rod body covers base station placement

its XinChan group, CLP morning star company, they are below the center of the cover, put a sensor, the sensor main role is to send data. While the light pole body placed a cap base station, function is to receive sensor data. They use zeta communication protocol to complete covers information transmitted to the system, can be observed on the system end state of the cover.

under the staff worked overnight, the whole road lamp has been installed.

the relevant person in charge of its Chinese male Ann district electric power supply company also said that in the future, dc lamp will also carry IoT - wisdom Hub synergy and other advanced technology and equipment, car road, gradually realize the wisdom of more wide area, more efficient, for males, new wisdom city construction and operation management to provide strong support.

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