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70 building bright red skyline, the pudong district of Shanghai 70000 people to sing 'I and my motherland'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-16

a few days ago, held in lujiazui ring bridge 'I and my motherland' flash activities, let the night in the pudong even more attractive.

lujiazui very beautiful at night. Ring bridge, bustling crowd, suddenly came out of the 'I and my motherland' piano accompaniment, attract people hearing looking, turned out to be a pianist lang lang is playing with rapt attention. 'I and my country. '

lang lang in lujiazui ring overpass affectionate play 'I and my motherland'

the 19 big party Colombia, ShiJingLan, Shanghai light music singer luo rain, mountain, a world boxing champion zou shiming, as well as Zhou Hong, Song Jiong yi, Yang Li, Luo Tao from 'Chinese core' dream 'blue sky' 'innovation medicine', 'future car' 'smart' 'data port' and so on six big hard nuclear industry representatives in the pudong new area, practitioners from all walks of life, model workers sing from the corner of the different convergence. Under the song infection, citizens and tourists from the volunteers took small flag, to join the singing together. Zhengda square on a big screen playing comac, saic, Colombia innovation service studio industries chorus team picture, telekinesis duet with people in front of the screen.

on behalf of the flag waving from all walks of life to join the chorus

the crowd excitedly pictures

at the scene of domestic rolling rendering people of the motherland blessings

lujiazui ring bridge, a huge five-star red flag at the scene is passed in the cluster and participants enthusiasm, cultural center of Mercedes Benz, international invitational tournament DOTA2 scene, Oriental sports center, YuanShen stadium large venues, such as a giant national flag in the stands, people passed the flag excitedly, 70000 spectators cheer for his country.

international invitational tournament DOTA2 scene showing a giant national flag and Oriental sports center

the night gathering, east binjiang. 100 drone group rose slowly, in the form of array transformation pattern such as 'China' '70', to the motherland blessings from the air. About 70 buildings in lujiazui and around, or hit the 'motherland I love you', or projection out flag, or a red light, unveiled a red skyline.

lujiazui red skyline, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) alternate a pattern such as 'Chinese', '70'

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