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80 Acres Farms in New York street LED lighting plant tomato plants

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-24

it is reported that recently, the indoor vendor 80 Acres Farms is one of the most busy street in New York, guggenheim museum ( 古根海姆博物馆) Outside the use of LED lighting plant tomato plants. The project is a museum and Rem Koolhaas, Countryside, and The Future cooperation at The part of The new exhibition, lasts from February 20 to August 14th.

80 Acres Farms with its business partners Infinite Acres and Priva Holding BV in indoor outside the fifth avenue museum together within a module plant cherry tomatoes.

in New York, people can see through indoor farm one big window, in the next six months can be observed in the accurate LED lighting and other continuous cultivation of fresh tomato under controlled conditions. The first tomatoes will be ready for harvest in late march and edible.

cultivation module will show you how the indoor agriculture by using fewer natural resources around the world grown fresh, nutritious and without pesticides, benefit the world.

80 Acres Farms CEO Mike Zelkind said, 'we believe that we are doing is about the future of food. We are changing the fruit and vegetables in the local way of planting and harvesting, and then in the second day sent to the store. Over the past five years, our scientists and other experts in food crops has been working hard to satisfy the huge market and consumer demand for agricultural products ', 'we take part in the exhibition will enable New York residents and visitors to experience how in one of the busiest cities in the world indoor planting the freshest and most delicious tomatoes all the year round. '

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