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9500 kilometers across, China lighting works to Lyon

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-29

on November 15, a set of sharp abundant culture section of guangzhou international lighting works is listed as no. 2 as the banana rain website login on Lyon lighting section, two world-class light festival opened across international dialogue.

in carrying forward traditional culture, good guangzhou story to the world, under the principle of sharpness abundant culture with the art form and concept of innovation, will smooth shadow irregular change into a beautiful, make traditional theme with the most modern expression effect.

'the banana rain' works, using light draw the outline of guangzhou landscape, with music by creating the atmosphere of lingnan. Through the novel and novel new media technology, display technology and programming in advanced technology, under the support of representational out of pure and fresh and natural guang fu culture.

the banana rain

guangdong traditional music under the background of the theme of the banana rain, light follow music open change, the moonlight raindrops fell on the in and lotus leaf situation and sound. Both the classical of banana rain, also has the flowing of rosy clouds chasing the moon, has more HuaHui of lotus pond moonlight.

two thousand theater, listen to 'the banana rain' classical;

Roman ruins, jing 'rosy clouds chasing the moon' elegant;

rich d below, rippling 'lotus pond moonlight' CDH.

from the Marine silk road - the birthplace of the Guangzhou,

to the staging area of the ancient silk road - Lyon.

China, towards the international!

Minnesota friendship

in guangzhou to conclude international sister relationship with Lyon the 30th anniversary of the opportunity, sharp abundant cultural work for the Minnesota bridge with lamplight, let guangzhou poetry and beauty, as the French romantic light and a dream.

bring sharp abundant culture and Lyon light festival official team closely communication

by organizing exchange activities, the works of such sharp abundant culture make China lighting art abroad, also will let guangzhou international lighting section become one of the important bridge to the international transmission of Chinese artists.

bring sharp feng company chairman Mr Wang Ruixiang synergy 'rain on banana production designer Mr Huang Mincong visit Lyon

the Chinese delegation from Lyon depth study

as the lighting industry practice' area 'going out strategy, an important part of China lighting network joint lighting academy in hubei province, in order to learn from the' going out ', advanced experience 'please come in' for the mission, from the requirement of industry will be organized in the lighting industry related well-known designers, 'gold finger prize' elite designers, design companies, government authorities and manufacturers, head of the head, on 3 December solstice December 11 open lighting art study tour in Europe. In examining light section in the same period, Lyon will also with the rain on a banana production designer Mr Huang Mincong in-depth exchanges. Please look!

guangzhou international lighting section important time node

activities held time

on November 26, 2018 - On December 4,

press conference time

on November 15, 2018,

the opening time

on November 26, 2018

city lights BBS time

on November 29, 2018,

the closing time

on December 4, 2018,

section of guangzhou international lighting works 'the banana rain'

transportation of Lyon in France, the light section

and international lighting BBS time

on December 6, 2018 On December 9,

edit: Liang Jieying

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