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A brief introduction of solar street light controller

by:CHZ     2021-07-14
  Solar street lamp controller, solar street lamp is controlled by microcomputer, light control, time control, manual control and integrated dual output control operation. By separating a period of time, it can control the power of the load and set the time arbitrarily. It has many protection functions, such as voltage protection, safety lightning protection, reverse discharge protection function, energy saving and low voltage protection, charging voltage protection, LED constant current source conversion and real-time recording function.   The Changhui solar street light controller provides temperature compensation battery static average power consumption ≤ 0.05MA and MCT maximum current tracking. -45℃~90℃, high/low temperature resistance laboratory performance test, at least can guarantee -35℃~75℃ high temperature/low temperature long-term normal use.  Changhui Solar Street Light is composed of many series-parallel solar modules, which provide electrical energy to the entire lighting system. But the parallel connection of the solar cell series must be appropriate to obtain the proper working voltage and work in the best condition.  According to the recent installation experience, Changhui produces a variety of solar street lighting products, which are widely used in rural areas, urban roads, development zones and municipal street lighting. The wide application of solar energy technology and products meets the needs of social development, environmental protection and energy saving, and brings unparalleled social welfare, and has lasting vitality compared to traditional street lights.

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