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A collection of light disease resistance road | JiNaiPu resistance to disease

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-18

new crown pneumonia in the fight against the war of no gunpowder smoke, unity is strength, to the national people's unite as one to overcome the current difficulties.

we are not medical staff, can't put on 'shirt' to the front, but we are online all the time. China lighting network with the power of the platform, to the whole society for disease resistance related literary works, go all out in the 'war of' gratitude everyone, thank you for the contribute the 'epidemic'.

the following is a member of China artists association, member of guizhou province fine arts association JiNaiPu outbreak literary themes on display:

a, 'spring is infinite good, lili when the'

explanation: the whole nation is in curtilage home for a month, looking forward to a day earlier to freedom.

2, 'can you shoot tigers resistance to how do I'

explanation: on the virus is not afraid of wu song, visible coronary disease virus cannot be underestimated.

3, 'China's best ZhiQinDian >

explanation: after basha village of miao nationality in guizhou is the only legitimate gun parts of China.

four, 'the moment when children lost their mom and dad'

explanation: cruel virus killed children parents, a poor orphan in call mom and dad.

5, the production principle of resistance to disease

6, for combat in the outbreak first line medical workers thumb up '

explanation: use pictographic technique, a thumb up hand is fighting in the business line of medical workers. Thumb up for them, and all Chinese people, they are the real hero of the outbreak.

7, 'in order to return to work'

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