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A collection of light disease resistance road | tian-ming xu resistance to disease

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-25

new crown pneumonia in the fight against the war of no gunpowder smoke, unity is strength, to the national people's unite as one to overcome the current difficulties.

we are not medical staff, can't put on 'shirt' to the front, but we are online all the time. China lighting network with the power of the platform, to the whole society for disease resistance related literary works, go all out in the 'war of' gratitude everyone, thank you for the contribute the 'epidemic'.

the following is the Shanghai putuo district greening and city administration tian-ming xu disease resistance on display:

a, 'your eyes'

2, 'unity is strength outbreak'

3, during the outbreak of 'distance'

citizens take the subway consciously keep distance

4, 'orderly'

during the outbreak of community health service centers in order

5, the guardian around during the outbreak of

Shanghai bus operating vehicles strictly carry out the disinfection work, ensure the security of the citizens travel

6, 'rely on'

during the outbreak of the subway couples
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