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A domestic exports Hungary LED lantern were recalled because of quality problem

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-04

according to the China association of lighting appliances, recently, the European commission non-food fast early warning system ( 库) To recall of chinese-made LED lantern, in the case of countries for Hungary. The product in the organization for economic cooperation and development industry classification code ( OECD Portal Category) To 78000000 ( Electrical appliances) , the name for the LED emergency light, the brand 'NingJia'.

recall reason: chimney installation is not tight, users may access to live parts. Plug size not appropriate, the user thus may be limited by electric shock; Cross-sectional area of the inner core and outer core is too small, wire could overheat, users may suffer from burns or product may cause a fire, and the product does not conform to the requirements of low voltage directive and EN60598.

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