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A real guide lighting design reference books

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-14

the Shanghai world expo China over the past eight years, it is one of the most profound impression? Is the night under the exotic lights; Is the brilliant and colorful lamp act the role ofing, linger, memory.

1 May 2010 solstice October 31, the 41st world expo held in Shanghai in our country, is the first comprehensive world expo held in China. Because of the world expo this is the first time in our country, is also a landmark lighting fair, should leave the real record for it. Hence the filming, editing, 'night at the Shanghai world expo exhibition hall appreciation' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'appreciation') Creative.

'appreciation' by the famous lighting experts, senior engineer, the former director of the institute of physics of China architectural scientific research institute, chief engineer, Mr XiaoHuiGan doctor tutors from tongji university, Shanghai, China, 2010 night view lighting, head of the overall planning of the expo site Hao Luoxi consultant; Lighting lighting experts FanWeiYa editor-in-chief, senior media person AnLanPo as managing editor.

'appreciation' in the form of pictures, text, the method of documentary, in accordance with the 'theme pavilions, architectural features, night view appreciation' of the structure of editing, more comprehensively and objectively record area more than 260 pavilions of the day and night scene lighting features, special lighting effects of key pavilion, from various angles and 'make the finishing point' type of analysis; To focus on key venues, self-built pavilion 'appreciation', to show the green lighting, energy conservation, environmental protection and other modern lighting design concept, reflecting the features of the pavilion lighting design and the technical level, show the pavilion building characteristics and the night view lighting effect; Is an illustrated storybook, practical and collection value of professional photography, lighting design is an available imaging guidance of indoor and outdoor lighting design reference books.

'appreciation' pictures in addition to the signature works, are taken by AnLanPo, XiaoHuiGan lasted six months, are the original pictures, not a post-production, retain the scene of the shooting scene, by AnLanPo editing and typesetting. By the personal financing in May 2011 China light industry press, publishing ISBN number: 9787501980499.

'appreciation' is a small amount of inventory, each for the original price 168 yuan, now is 7. Price of 126 yuan of sales 5 fold Including the postage) 。 Can WeChat Lucky Money, transfer and settlement; Esau I add WeChat qr code.

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