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A shake! China lighting network official trill, officially launched!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-08

today, the official of China lighting network trill number ( lighting1996) Officially launched!

in China lighting network was founded 24 anniversary, as the rich media of China lighting network matrix, to adapt to the trend of the spread of social media, more diversified, more younger, more abundant lighting industry of China image and sound, in March 2020, the official of China lighting network trill successful online.

next, China lighting network trill, will launch the solicitation of short video lighting under 'outbreak in the people'. This is the first China lighting network launched a series of short video, please attention!

a new platform, we don't forget to beginner's mind a new Angle of view, to show more diverse circle of lighting how to focus on China lighting network trill number?

the first step to download, open the trill

the second step in the search bar enter the 'China lighting network' or enter trill, 'lighting1996' click on the 'attention'

can also directly open the trill APP

scan the qr code below to add attention

in addition, in order to show more lighting circle all sorts of stories, China lighting network long-term filling

collect objects: lighting industry practitioners;

collection form: in the form of a short video recording; Collecting topics:

lighting enterprise production, design, construction and other work content; Lighting practitioners view sharing, life notes, etc. Collecting requirements:

1, shooting tool unlimited;

2, shoot length within 15 seconds to 1 minute, at the same time with text summary within 100 words;

3, video content health, the plot is compact, laminating theme, image is clear, can be work, the joining together of life, can also be a record of events.

submission: video upload email sent directly to the

liangjy @ lightingchina. com. Cn

when submission please use email title: '' A short video submissions 】 Works name + contributor name + contact number + WeChat ID '

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