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A, solar street lamps and lanterns and light source

by:CHZ     2020-10-15

light source adopts high power LED lights, solar street lamps light utilization rate reached more than 90%, glow in the same power, more than 50% higher than that of traditional energy-saving lamps. Solar street lamps and lanterns of special for the light source to the corresponding design, greatly improving the use of photosynthetic efficiency in road lighting.

2, solar panel component of tap

this design in to ensure that the overall solar street lamps and beautiful at the same time, also has greatly increased the solar panel component part of the ability to resist wind, streamline arc at the bottom of the design have played an important role in discharging the wind. In practice, the product in any strong wind, typhoon, product is safe and stable. Suitable for all kinds of bad, strong wind environment under the condition of installation.

3, solar street lamp base

solar street lighting engineering practice, for solar street lamps controller and protection measures for the 4th generation of lead-acid batteries. Unique concrete foundation with integrated design, light pole in high security under the premise of the whole equipment more stable, and beautiful. The whole inside the concrete foundation insulation design makes me manufacturer of solar street light products in temperature difference of desert climate, still can always safe and stable operation at a constant temperature environment, makes the service life of components more durable. Ensure the interests of actual users.

4, solar street light overall appearance

for solar street light the whole equipment after many improved optimization, to achieve the perfect integration of solar street light light pole and technology. Solar street light pole is made of galvanized after welded processing, color can be arbitrary choice, at the bottom of the light pole is equipped with glass fiber reinforced plastic decorative cover, and the light pole at the top of the tap part of the solar panels. As well as increase the practicability of overall appearance more beautiful.

5, solar street light is a kind of for solar energy street light

because solar street light without expensive pipe laying, so need not consume conventional energy, solar street lamps and energy saving save electricity, as long as sunny places can be installed, thus attracting widespread attention, and because it does not pollute the environment, known as the green environmental protection product.

solar street lamp installation steps:

1. For each part component is fixed: sun plate fixed on the bracket of solar panels, lamp holder to carry on the arm, then pick arm bracket and fixed to the main stem, and to guide wire wear into the control box ( Battery box) 。

2。 Each part of the light pole before lifting, first check fasteners and firm, solar street light manufacturer of solar street light lamp installation is correct, the light source is normal work. Then work in simple debugging system is normal; Loosen the solar panels on the controller cable, solar street lamp manufacturer of solar street light work.

3。 When the main light pole lifting, pay attention to safety; Screw fastening, sunrise Angle deviation, such as the component needs to adjust the direction of chaoyang up side completely toward the south.

4。 Put the battery into the battery box, according to the technical requirements and connected to the controller; Connect the battery, and then pick up the load, and then answer the solar panels; Connection operation is important to note that each terminal with indicated on the controller cannot be wrong, plus or minus two polarity can't collision, cannot meet the; Or the controller is damaged.

5。 Debug the system work is normal; Loosen the solar panels on the controller cable, solar street lamp manufacturer of solar street lamp lights; Connected to the solar panel cables, light; Careful observation of each indicator light on the controller changes at the same time; Everything is normal, can seal control box.

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