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, a street lamp transformation for the significance of environmental protection

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-10

when it comes to street lamp renovation is not strange for everybody, especially in these years. Is in full swing, for our present urban construction, because it save protection consciousness ascend, so no matter from the national level, or from the perspective of our personal, are under physical ways to save, so then to make a brief introduction of street lamp transformation for the significance of environmental protection.

may all don't know is that because of the limitation of the technology conditions, so we use most of the street lamp holder is chocola lamp holder, in use process will produce carbon dioxide, but now the environment serious situation believe we all know, because of the greenhouse gas emissions, now makes the environment crisis increasingly, so in this case, because our technology is improved, and so on the street lamp also had a positive transformation, this change is in order to build a better green homes, rather than as some because they don't understand, so think street lamp is a kind of behavior in the waste of resources.

that's street lamps transformation in the treasure of significance for us, hope you can help to you can more deeply into the understanding, if you have any questions, also can contact us directly, more pay attention to the subsequent updates.

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