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About China lighting network training delay notice

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-04

influenced by a novel coronavirus epidemic, to block the spread of the channel, follow the relevant countries on epidemic prevention and control work, reduce the people gathered themselves together, and to ensure that personnel life safety and health, China lighting network - scheduled for February 28 On March 10, intermediate in foshan lighting designers architect of the project will start delay, specific class time according to the condition of the outbreak until further notice. Inconvenience, please understanding.

China lighting network will actively response to the outbreak, and adjusted in time according to the situation in 2020 annual training plan, welcome to focus on China lighting network WeChat number: public lightingChina1996 and China lighting network's official website: http://www. lightingchina。 com. cn/expo/train。 HTML.


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Liao Shizhen 18078813058

XinZiLin 18673123934

Yang salsa 18620881942

Lin Fen 15918773468

li-ping han 15813537918

Colombia 17728028687


hai-zhen zhang China lighting network training program (2020 Quasi)

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