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Accelerate the street light project 1001 of tianjin, the wisdom of lighting to promote city image

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-12

according to the management committee of tianjin city: tianjin is quickening construction of 'street 1001 project', the purpose is to further improve the image of the city and improve the level of city lighting management, improve the quality of urban environment, and create beautiful beautiful night scenery line.

'1001 project' aims to 2021, preliminary build a world-class energy Internet, boost business environment optimization, wisdom park and small town construction, such as 9 key tasks. , the 2019: the first phase of the project focus transformation there are serious security hidden danger of light pole, cables and box equipment; Mercury has clear out part of the light source, improve use energy-efficient lighting products; In important cultural, commercial places surrounding roads update set wisdom streetlight pilot construction. Engineering in 2020 in the second stage: concentrated reeducation center city run defective light pole, cables and box equipment, complete mercury source transformation task, optimization of city center and the key road lamps dedicated supply network; Single lamp control equipment installed; Night lighting culture, improve the quality of urban lighting, driving the development of economic prosperity at night. The third phase of the project, in 2021: transforming the remaining part of the content, application demonstration projects, key construction wisdom city has transformed traditional single lighting function of street lamp into a comprehensive monitoring urban infrastructure such as multifunction, compound the wisdom of the street lamp, to forge a city new medium of information transmission, and support the tianjin wisdom city construction, promoting the development of city of high quality.

at present, tianjin is pushing 2019 project design work in progress, in the latest week, completed the 30 lighting lamps and lanterns replacement project of surveying and mapping work, including 1025 sets of lamps and lanterns, 207 light pole; For high voltage cable replacement project of surveying and mapping content adjustment; For tianjin avenue old cable replacement project content verification of surveying and mapping. At the same time, a special meeting, accelerate the organization design department in 2019, the second batch of the early stage of the preliminary design work. City light comb has finished the second batch of 2019 renovation project detail, ChengGuanWei report for examination and approval. Next, plans to complete the project management, surveying and mapping compilation work, supervision and assessment of the node.

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