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According to network in European delegation conducted multilateral exchanges with France

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-14

France local time on December 5, China lighting network prize in 'golden finger' European delegation arrived in France, then on with the French from all walks of life the multilateral exchanges, on both sides in the designer communication, health, agriculture, illumination, intelligent lighting, lighting, etc are discussed in this paper, has achieved fruitful results.

according to the network in the 'golden finger' award for the European investigation group

on the evening of December 5, Lyon government held a light festival welcome dinner, hosted representatives from countries around the world, China lighting network investigation group in Europe as the representative of China the only attended the banquet, general manager of China lighting network, high Ding Yun Huang Mincong, huang xuan attend activities, with former French interior minister, Lyon (the mayor of cologne Gerard Collomb) Consul general, China's ambassador to Lyon consulate general lu qingjiang had in-depth exchanges.

the Chinese representative and Lyon, the mayor of cologne ( Second from left) A photo

the Chinese representative and consul general lu qingjiang Chinese consulate general in Lyon Second from left) Ms photo

dinner, Lyon address, the mayor of cologne and introduces the Lyon lighting section, site unveiled the lighting section of 63 pieces. After dinner, according to the network in the European delegation led by mayor of Lyon's next visit to the lighting section important node. Address

Lyons, the mayor of cologne, and introduces the Lyon lighting section of section

Lyon lighting exhibition of 63 works appreciation

on the morning of December 6, China lighting network European tour line with Lyon light festival organizing committee was held in Lyon securities trading center in the exchange of lighting designers, Lyon lighting partner club President, director of EDF France electricity company spread Agnes Chappelet, Lyon regional international relations department project director Guillaume Arnould, Lyon lighting association representative Francois Brunet, Lyon lighting section staff partners club, Colliers, head of the real estate company auvergne Ronald alpine regions Gerald Hetyei, Cluster at the representatives and BingShuKui, high Ding Yun, du vision, Shen Wai, Huang Mincong, huang xuan, zhao na, dan-qing wang, NiBin, Emily, the Chinese representative to participate in the seminar.

method in the lighting designer exchange site

on lighting field a number of multidisciplinary cooperation agreement, including further advance the lighting designer exchanges and cooperation between the two countries; In healthy lighting, aquaculture, agriculture, illumination, intelligent lighting strengthen cooperation; Through visits to understand the other party needs to promote the cooperation of industry, manufacturing; Will the two countries, middle and downstream industry chain, promoting economic and trade development.

in addition, the two sides also agreed on the French side in February 2020, April sent delegations to the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region, to discuss further details, France sent June targeted large delegation to visit China; China commended in Lyon lighting section in 2020; Promote Lyon by China lighting academy's festival lights in China, the light section of exchange; China lighting network continue to organize the lighting designer participate in Lyon lighting section study, invite Lyon lighting section chief designer team to China lighting network organization of speech in the conference, the exchange of lighting designers.

after the meeting, the delegation of China lighting network was accompanied by the full-time staff of the organizing committee visited the light day, listen to focus on the node.

the in-depth exchanges, and constructs the method both in international exchanges and cooperation platform, help to France to further understand China lighting industry, for the two countries in the field of lighting to create a vast space, is of great significance.

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