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Adjustment of brightness uniformity of solar garden lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-11
The reason why LED light source is suitable for local lighting is that solar garden lights can be made into lighting products with specific luminous angles during production. Using LED light sources with specific luminous angles for local lighting can make the light emitted by LEDs more effective. Compared with the inconvenient control of the light-emitting angle of the traditional light source, it can use a relatively small power to achieve the same required lighting effect, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving. In road lighting design, the lamp distance is generally 3 times the lamp height, and the lamp height is generally equal to the road width of the road. According to the geometric relationship, the light distribution angle of the lighting fixture can be calculated from 0 degrees to 180 degrees, which is about 140 degrees, at 90 degrees. The direction from degrees to 270 degrees is about 80 degrees.  In order to improve the utilization rate of street lamps in road lighting, the luminous center of the light source is inclined to a certain angle in the direction of the road. The ideal situation is that the light intensity center falls on the center line of the road. Considering that the street light source itself will have an elevation angle of about 10 degrees from the horizontal, it can be calculated based on the geometric relationship that the center of the luminous intensity of the LED light source should be offset by 15 degrees to 20 degrees to the road direction.  The lens is assembled on the LED bracket, and the high-power LED chip is fixed on the bracket. The surface of the lens can be coated with an anti-reflection coating, and the cavity between the lens and the chip is potted with high temperature resistant silicone to reduce multiple reflections of light in the cavity and directly refracted by the lens. The    lens has a polarizing antireflection effect compared to the conventional LED lens, which is equivalent to the integration of the secondary optical lens and the primary lens. The biggest feature of solar garden lights for lighting is that they have directional emission characteristics, because high-power LED light sources are equipped with reflectors, and the efficiency of such reflectors is significantly higher than that of lamp reflectors. In addition, the efficiency of the self-reflector has been included in the light efficiency detection of the LED light source. Solar garden lights using LEDs should make use of the directional emission characteristics of LED light sources as much as possible, so that each LED in the solar garden lights directly shoot the light to each area of u200bu200bthe illuminated road, and then use the auxiliary light distribution of the lamp reflector. To achieve a reasonable comprehensive light distribution. The light source can be designed according to the height of the solar garden light and the width of the road surface. The installation position of each I, ED light source and the direction of the emitted light can achieve a good secondary light distribution function and ensure a better uniformity of road lighting.

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