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Adopting intelligent lighting in the city in northern Australia, reducing energy consumption and cost

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-27

in recent years, the rise of construction all over the world 'wisdom city', aimed at building smart cities. Lighting is an important part of wisdom, the wisdom plays an important role in the city.

, according to foreign media reports, a few days ago in the city of Darwin in northern Australia, is using intelligent street lighting system, the streets and public lighting network of nearly 10000 lamp in LED for wireless connection.

these lamps will be made by a central management system ( CMS) Control, it is understood that can reduce energy and maintenance costs, and through the automatic report failure, improve the quality of service, will light pole into wisdom city sensor 'hub'.

Scott Waters Darwin's chief executive, said the 'streets and public lighting and other key infrastructure projects to the highest standards, to ensure reliability and value', 'with this system, Darwin to improve street lighting services to reduce costs at the same time, for our community provides a safer, more intelligent, more efficient environment. '

after the palmerston, Australia has adopted intelligent street lighting system, upgrade the LED street light project.

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