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Aerial heze grand theater lighting lighting project

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-16

2019 lunar New Year holiday is coming, heze streets NianWeiEr gradually strong. The Spring Festival this year, heze will replace fireworks with lights, basins for citizens to build a festival atmosphere. Below small make up take you see aerial camera, the lights lighting engineering after the grand theater!

recently, heze economic development zone management committee and construction bureau of peony square, Grand theatre, arms drill floor) , the railway station square, the lighting lighting project.

the heze lighting is more than half of the grand theatre. When the night falls, the grand theater of neon lights and becomes a bright pearl ornament in heze city, has brought people extrasensory visual experience.

it is understood that the lighting projects with a total investment of about 7 million yuan, the project adopts energy-saving light source and lamps and lanterns.

the peony square lighting work implemented since January 7, grand theatre periphery with five completed peony petals light band, the current lighting debugging work completed.

now the staff is stepping up efforts to install the last piece of peony petals light band. Lighting design will be set according to the different time intervals of the holiday and the holiday, in order to produce different lighting effect.

work surroundings at the same time also to carry out the railway station square, is expected to meet in small New Year and the general public. This project will be before the Spring Festival lights all the installation and debugging.

the fireworks are beautiful, but fleeting; Beautiful lights, but can be reproduced at any time; Hazy artistic conception, charming color; Will give people to see lights create a thick atmosphere of festival.

edit: YanZhiXiang

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