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All LED street lamp for Devon plan, carbon emissions will be reduced 75%

by:CHZ     2020-05-08

according to UK media reports, the south-west Devon ( 德文郡) Parliament passed a resolution, all LED street lamp replacement for the next three years will be. Once completed, street lamps produced by 75% will reduce carbon emissions, the equivalent of 8000 cars on the road.

since 2015, 34000 street lamp has been converted to low-energy LED. The remaining 45000 street lamp will be replaced in the next three years.

only a transformation street lighting, can make a 36% reduction in carbon emissions of the county, and to ensure that the government to cut emissions by 45% by 2030.

Devon parliament is responsible for the environment of the cabinet Cllr Roger Croad said: 'in 2006, our strategic plan to set a goal, make Devon, England's most environmental protection of the county. '

' reduce carbon dioxide levels, we still have a long way to go, but we are making significant progress, I am very happy that this scheme has achieved tangible results. '

' since it first launched in 2008, through proactive planning, we have saved millions of pounds of taxpayers' money, and significantly reduce carbon emissions. '

in addition, Devon parliament appropriated 250000 pounds for convince organizations, communities and individuals to take more measures to reduce global warming.

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