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America in hillsboro, the complete street lamp renovation project, power wisdom urban construction

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-13

according to foreign media reports, the United States in hillsboro, Oregon, le city ( 晚宴过后) Completed the nearly $10 million ( About 68. 83 million yuan) City street lamp renovation project, which is expected to make the city more efficient and save money over the next ten years.

over the years, the city has been upgraded to the LED to the street lamp. The city spokesman Patrick Preston said the LED street lamp is more efficient than the traditional street lamp, cheaper and safer.

'LED lights can improve the view of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, reduce light pollution', 'new technology can reduce energy demand, wireless control, and improve the efficiency of maintenance and replacement lamp. '

lights began to reform project since 2017. Preston said that will save the city of more than $450000 per year in energy costs.

the project is one of the largest energy efficiency projects in the city's history, require staff to replace more than 4500 streetlights, and increase new high-tech equipment, to provide wireless control street lamp, in some less traffic on the road to reduce the street lighting time. Preston said the equipment will also sent staff warning about maintenance problems.

the LED street lamp is part of the city's 'wisdom city' plan, the plan aims to bring more high-tech elements for the city's infrastructure. In hillsboro, parks and entertainment company in 2016 launched a plan to use sensors to measure some of irrigation for the city park, to save water. Street lamp will serve as a network, can be based on the the wisdom of the future city planning, such as in parts of the city to provide community Wifi.

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