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Analysis of the reasons for insufficient battery life of solar garden lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-16
The use of photovoltaic technology solar garden lights to achieve green energy-saving lighting, but due to the greater impact of light, when the street lighting system is configured, people have particularly high requirements for the continuous rainy and rainy lighting time of the garden lights, which leads to the need to ensure the solar panel in the street lighting configuration. The power storage capacity. Generally, what are the factors that affect the power storage capacity of solar panels during the configuration of the street lamp system?
  The factors that affect the use of solar panels during the application of solar garden lights mainly include the following aspects:
  1. The output power of the solar panel in the early stage of the solar garden lamp installation is relatively large, and the phenomenon of light and current injection into the silicon chip occurs stably in the later use, which leads to a reduction in the service life of the solar panel. In addition, the performance of the battery will also affect the use of solar panels.
  2. Due to the poor quality of the silicon wafers and packaging materials of the solar panels, the poor quality of the solar panels affects the normal operation and use of the solar garden lights.
  3. During the use process, some parts of the solar panel are blocked and cannot obtain solar energy, which causes the temperature of the part to be too high, which causes dark spots to burn out, which directly causes the damage of the entire solar cell module.

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