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Anhui province industrial and commercial bureau spot lighting lamps and lanterns is 23 group is unqualified

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-30

on September 18, the anhui province industrial and commercial bureau website notice said, in order to strengthen the regulation of circulation of goods quality, safeguard consumers' legal rights and interests, safeguard consumer safety, industrial and commercial bureau in 2018, in accordance with the law of hefei in anhui province, fuyang, chuzhou, xuancheng cities such as field sales lighting lamps and lanterns of provincial quality random inspection.

60 group in random inspection lighting lamps and lanterns, 23 group (37 group of qualified and unqualified Only identify unqualified group 1) 33%.

unqualified project mainly include: structure, exterior wiring and internal wiring, prevent to get an electric shock, insulation resistance and dielectric strength, compatibility, mechanical strength, power factor, the clearance and creepage distance.

the random inspection found unqualified commodity, the provincial industrial and commercial bureau has instructed the relevant industrial and commercial bureau to investigate and punish according to law, and supervise operator rectification in accordance with the law.

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