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Anhui spot lamps and lanterns of 21 samples is unqualified 5 groups

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-13

on April 14, 2019, the anhui province quality technology supervision bureau website published the market supervision bureau in 2019 in anhui province provincial special lamps and lanterns product selectives examination results briefing '. Is reported, this second spot in the field of production and circulation in anhui province were collected 21 set of lamps and lanterns, inspection group, unqualified 5 groups, percent of pass 76. 2%.

the spot-check product types include: fixed type lamps and lanterns, LED dome light) , embedded lamps ( LED tube light) , portable lamps ( The LED lamp) And since the ballast LED bulb light, etc. Inspection is based on the flow field of lamps and lanterns implementing rules for the product quality supervision and spot checks and related standards. Fixed type lamps and lanterns, embedded lamps, portable lamps and lanterns of inspection items for: structure, exterior wiring and internal wiring, prevent to get an electric shock, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, harmonic current limits, voltage. The ballast of fluorescent lamp, the ballast LED ball steep light inspection items for: mark, interchangeability, mechanical strength, power, power factor, photosynthetic efficiency/luminous flux and color characteristics, the harmonic current limits.

according to the results, including the amount of guangdong long co. , LTD. , production of 'long' LED lamp ( 领导, 663, 201710). , wuhu 3 h lighting co. , LTD. , production of 'leishi lighting LED ball steep light (' LEDA50F 5 w - 6500 k 181015) Group of 16 samples passed; As in the production of photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Shenzhen poly han 'han' three sections of dip tube light, 5 w 2018 - 第四, GX) , zhongshan pilot photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Production of Bai Fu beauty 'auspicious' LED tube light, 2. 5 '6 w 18. 9) 5 groups of sample spot check is unqualified. Unqualified project involves the external wiring, structure, color features.

buying guide.

when consumers in the choose and buy the product, should pay attention to the following: consumers in the choose and buy and use products, to pay attention to the following:

( A) Into formal shop, buy a regular items, to issue the formal invoice, have '3 packets' promise of products of choose and buy, the choose and buy to have the lamps and lanterns of CCC authentication marks. And detailed purchase date, brand model, properly keep the invoice.

( 2) Advertising is for reference only, refer to inspection report is very important, especially should refer to inspection report, protection against electric shock durability test, heat resistant, fireproof and resistance to mark whether qualified.

( 3) People when lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, should be 'ask two see three perception'.

'asking' before buying consulting professionals or query related network platform, to two or morethings price factors at the same time, should choose good reputation, well-known large scale of production enterprises, avoid to choose is far lower than the average price of similar products low prices products. Too low price product, on the materials and structure must be shrink, its quality to meet the basic requirements in general.

'second look' can ask vendors to provide this year or in the near future when buying the authority of the third party inspection agency inspection report the attachment or copy, also can pack by observing the lamps and lanterns and appearance, whether the outer packing printing clear, the name of the site of factory, product specifications, standards whether complete, the lamps and lanterns is no burr edge whether bright and clean appearance, printing is clear with no shading, moulding line is smooth without dislocation, whether have clear specification on the power cord or CCC label.

'three perception' wire and plastic materials should be thick no pungent smell. Lamps and lanterns lit after color is comfortable, light intensity can meet the demand of lighting, not too strong or too weak, light after a period of time with easy access to the shell parts of the hand touch lamps and lanterns, shall not be hot, and lamps and lanterns should be smooth operation, flicker-free jitter and noise.

spot-check qualified enterprises list

random quality unqualified list

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